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Migos settle legal dispute with the man they called a “self-absorbed shyster lawyer”

By | Published on Thursday 4 February 2021


Migos have ended a legal battle with their long-time lawyer Damien Granderson.

The trio sued Granderson last July alleging that the attorney had charged excessive fees, failed to obtain written agreements, and failed to declare a conflict of interest that arose because he also represents the outfit’s label Quality Control Music.

Last year’s lawsuit stated: “This action arises out of that timeless tale about the world famous music group who was robbed out of and cheated out of millions of dollars by those individuals who the group hired to look out for it and its members’ best interests”.

That was quite a mild statement compared to the rest of the legal filing, which added that “defendant Damien Granderson is the personification of a self-absorbed shyster lawyer who saw his clients as a mechanism to get rich by any means necessary, including at his clients’ expense”.

However, despite the bombastic language, settlement talks seemingly got underway relatively quickly.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the group actually filed legal papers last November seeking voluntary dismissal of their lawsuit. However, that was dismissal without prejudice, allowing them to refile future litigation over the same claims.

Now a new legal filing has been made dismissing the lawsuit with prejudice, preventing any future action. That presumably means a settlement deal has been reached between the members of Migos and Granderson, although the terms of any such agreement are not known.