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Miguel hands co-writing credit to Billy Corgan

By | Published on Thursday 16 July 2015


Miguel has an unlikely co-writer on his new album ‘Wildheart’. Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan gets a credit on one track from it, ‘Leaves’. But please, stop imagining what that writing session might have looked like, Billy Corgan is too busy developing new wrestling talent to actually get together with Miguel. This is just a case of good old sub-conscious infringement.

Unlike Tom Petty’s recent claim to own three notes in Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’, it seems that Miguel himself initiated negotiations to give Corgan a cut of ‘Leaves’, after he noted that it sounds a little bit like Smashing Pumpkins hit ‘1979’.

Speaking to recently, Miguel said: “The guitar riff just came to me in such a subconscious way, the song literally wrote itself in minutes. [But] it was kind of reminiscent of ‘1979’. I was a fan of them growing up, but I never bought their albums or saw them live. It’s weird how some things just sink in”.

Having spotted the similarity, he sent the song over to Corgan to check that he was alright with it being released and, presumably, to ask what cut of any spoils the track might generate the Smashing Pumpkins man wanted. “It’s cool they were cool about everything”, added Miguel. “It’s all about respect. We’re all standing on the shoulders of giants at this point”.

It’s also possible that, in this post-‘Blurred Lines’ ruling world, people are feeling a little more cautious about putting stuff out that seems to borrow from an earlier hit and then just hoping that no one notices. I mean, it has to be said that the link between ‘Leaves’ and ‘1979’ is a slight similarity in guitar playing more than straight infringement. He might as well bung Mineral a few quid while he’s at it. They probably need the money more than Billy Corgan.

Anyway, have a listen for yourself and see if you can spot the similarities.