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On the CMU stereo 2019 – Summer

By | Published on Tuesday 17 December 2019


We’re drawing ever nearer to Christmas and we’ve reached part three of our rundown of our favourite tracks of the year. As we work our way up to the final total of 40, we come to ten tracks released in the summer (or thereabouts). Take a look at our winter section here and spring playlist here.

What did summer 2019 sound like? Loud, apparently. Well, certainly that’s how our playlist today begins and ends – kicking off with Slipknot and closing with Girl Band. In between there’s more nuance though. Straight after Slipknot we head into Helm’s decidedly quieter (although still filled with a lot of tension) ‘I Knew You Would Respond’.

Elsewhere, we’ve got great examples of how broadly ‘pop music’ was interpreted in 2019, from Tyler, The Creator, to Charli XCX, to Bea1991, to Blanck Mass’s dark, intense and overdriven take on the genre.

Listen to all 30 tracks we’ve revealed so far in our Spotify playlist here, and take a look at the most recent ten here:

Slipknot – Unsainted
Helm – I Knew You Would Respond
Tyler, The Creator – Earfquake
Babii – Carniivore
Anna Meredith – Paramour
Bea1991 – Loser Wins
Charli XCX & Christine And The Queens – Gone
Blanck Mass – Love Is A Parasite
Clairo – Alewife
Girlband – Going Norway

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