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On The CMU Stereo 2020 – Autumn

By | Published on Thursday 17 December 2020


So here it is, the end. The conclusion. The climax. The last act. The finish line. The finale. The grand finale, if you like. A grand, magnificent and rousing finale. Yep, it’s the final part of our favourite songs of 2020 playlist. Ten more great tracks from a less than great year.

We kick of this autumn selection with a track from Clipping, whose new album ‘Visions Of Bodies Being Burned’ sees them once again pushing the boundaries of hip hop and continues with the horror movie influences of previous record ‘There Existed An Addiction To Blood’.

That’s followed by Kelly Lee Owens, who followed up her brilliant debut album this year with another great collection of music distinctly her own. Coming three years after that debut, and after a personal struggle that left her thinking that she may stop making music altogether, the power of overcoming that is apparent throughout.

Asian Dub Foundation also made a welcome return this year with ‘Access Denied’ – their first album for five years, with music as angry and on point as ever. The track we’ve chosen, ‘Comin Over Here’, samples a Stewart Lee stand up routine that pre-dates the Brexit referendum, but remains as relevant as ever as we approach the point where we might finally find out what Brexit even is.

Sorry to remind you of that whole thing. Let’s move on to the closing track of the playlist, which comes from Gary, Indiana – a new band with just three singles out in the world currently. The latest, ‘Nike Of Samocrace’, as well as appearing here, was the last to feature in the CMU Approved column this year. Of it, we said the track “rounds off the year by coiling up like a spring, ready to launch the band and anyone who’d care to come with them into 2021”. What more appropriate way to finish?

Listen to all ten of these tracks, plus our ten winter, spring and summer selections, in the Spotify playlist below. Read back through our write ups of the full playlist here.

Here’s what’s on the autumn playlist:

Clipping – Say The Name
Kelly Lee Owens – Re-Wild
Galya Bisengalieva – Aralkum
Big Sean – Deep Reverence (feat Nipsey Hussle)
Everything Everything – Big Climb
Flohio – Unveiled
Asian Dub Foundation – Comin Over Here (feat Stewart Lee)
Juice Webster – Let The Dog Out
Masego – Mystery Lady (feat Don Toliver)
Gary, Indiana – Nike Of Samothrace

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