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Release Round-Up: The Knife, Everytime I Die, Cold Specks, Die Antwoord and Mo Kolours/John Wizards

By | Published on Wednesday 21 May 2014

Cold Specks

Rounding up the latest release news…

Synthpop oddbins The Knife are releasing a mini-LP of classic tracks from their past, only with the tracks ‘Shaken-Up’. It’s got ‘We Share Our Mother’s Health’ on it, and ‘Silent Shout’, and ‘Bird’, and ‘Ready To Lose’. Not in that order, though. Anyway, ‘Shaken Up Versions’, which carries eight tracks in total, is arriving at all good and bad pop stockists on 16 Jun.

And to get a better insight into what all this ‘Shaken-Up’ business actually means in real terms, here is the video for the ‘Shaken-Up’ edition of ‘Without You My Life Would Be Boring’:

Also putting out an album soon are long-haul hardcore band Every Time I Die, who are putting out an album titled ‘From Parts Unknown’ on 1 Jul. This is ‘Thurst’, one of its tracks, which, like all the other tracks, had Converge’s Kurt Ballou as its producer:

Now it’s over to Mute-signed lady Cold Specks (pictured), aka doomy pop artist Al Spx, who is following the fashion of the day, and confirming an LP. Her new record, the “wintry-feeling” ‘Neuroplasticity’, will be released on 25 Aug, at the height of what’s meant to be summer. Swans Michael Gira appears on a track titled ‘Exit Plan’, taking full-circle a collaboration that started with Spx singing on Swans’ last LP, ‘To Be Kind’.

Hear lead single ‘Absisto’ (which is Latin for ‘to withdraw’), the first inkling of the fixation in ‘Neuroplasticity’ on “the notion of obliteration” and “blood, animals and earth”, below, and/or translated to the live stage, when Spx plays an intimate show at London’s The Lexington on 11 Jun.

And nearly finally, parents and children, leave the room immediately. Because “freakishly captivating” Zef-rap angels Die Antwoord are back, and rising from the South African soil (again) with a long disc named ‘Donker Mag’. I’ve already had a nightmare relating to its lead video, ‘Pitbull Terrier’, which came as a shock, since it features a man pretending to be Pitbull being savaged by a different man pretending to be a pitbull. Die Antwoord’s 2013 single ‘Cookie Thumper!’, plus this new track ‘Pitbull’, will both come out with ‘Donker Mag’ on 3 Jul. Here’s the video:

And really finally, get rid of the ‘Pitbull’ taste with a nice cleansing John Wizards mix of approved warmwave man Mo Kolours‘ track ‘Mike Black’, which just debuted c/o the Boiler Room:

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