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Ricky Wilson anxious to cash in as coach on The Voice

By | Published on Thursday 9 January 2014

Ricky Wilson

Likely to the BBC’s immense delight, Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson has admitted he isn’t doing a coaching stint on ‘The Voice’ solely for the love of televised singing competitions, or swivel chairs. No, he’s also doing it to shift sales of the band’s new LP, ‘Education, Education, Education & War’. I mean, what did you take him for, some kind of fucking idiot?

Talking from atop his soapbox via this week’s NME, Wilson says: “I love my band and I want our new record to get noticed. I know that everyone is going, ‘He thinks he’s going to sell more records and more tickets’. And that is why I’m doing it. I’m not a fucking idiot”.

So come on, don’t be an idiot. Buy ‘Education, Education, Education & War’ once it’s released on 31 Mar. And watch ‘The Voice’, which begins airing its new series this Saturday, featuring Ricky, coaches-of-old Tom Jones and, and token girl Kylie Minogue.