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Ricky Wilson has “no reason” to go back on The Voice

By | Published on Wednesday 14 May 2014

Ricky Wilson

Kaiser Chief and TV ‘Voice’ coach Ricky Wilson has shocked and disappointed his fans, and fans of the BBC’s most-watched (and only) blind-baked singing franchise, by saying he has “no reason” to go back on the show for its so-far-coachless 2015 series.

In fairness, his motive for going on ‘The Voice’ in the first place was to shift copies of his band’s latest LP, ‘Education, Education, Education & War’. And that came out in March, charting at number one in the UK, so I guess his plan worked. I bet The Beeb feels so cheap and exploited right now.

Even still, with that number one achieved, I can think of several reasons it’d be a great idea to stay with the show: like the free press, the pay, the natty swivel seats, and getting to chill with (maybe, if he opts in on the new series) on a weekly basis!

Oh, right.

And this is what Rick, sounding SOOOOOOO profoundly bored with the whole thing, said via the NME over the weekend: “We decided to do it for a very good reason and that’s because we had an album we didn’t want to go unnoticed. If I did it again I’d have to have a good reason and at the moment, there isn’t a good reason. That’s the truth”.

Okay, so Ricky Wilson has lost the will to trade off his ‘indie’ cred live on TV in order to promote his band and make loads of cash. What is the world coming to? No really, I’m asking.

This is a photo of Ricky wearing a pirate’s eye patch, which he had to wear following a ‘minor incident’ involving some fairground bumper cars, to look at while you think it over.