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Setlist: Copyright, Touts, Prince

By and | Published on Monday 25 June 2018

European Commission

CMU’s Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review key events in music and the music business from the last seven days, including the European Parliament’s JURI Committee passing article thirteen of the new copyright directive, FanFair calling on Google to stop taking Viagogo’s pound, and the latest squabbling among Prince’s heirs. Setlist is sponsored by 7digital.

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Stories discussed this week:

• Tech lobby ramps up campaign against safe harbour reform as key votes on EU copyright reform begin
• Music industry welcomes copyright directive vote in the European Parliament
• Google needs to stop profiting from rule-breaker Viagogo, say anti-touting campaigners
• Prince heirs want Tidal deal reconsidered because of stat-fiddling allegations

In brief:

Glasgow’s ABC venue destroyed after art school fire spreads
Rebecca Fergusson calls for music industry regulator
Will Ferrell to star in Eurovision comedy film for Netflix

Also mentioned:

• Buy Chris’s new book on how streaming music services are licensed and where the money goes right here on Amazon

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