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The ten most-read news stories on the CMU site in April 2016

By | Published on Wednesday 4 May 2016


We’re well into May now, how the hell did that happen? No, don’t answer that, I understand how time works. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Well, anyway, we might as well look at what the ten most popular news stories on the CMU website were in April this year.

First up, as Radiohead begin the promotional campaign for their new album, it’s comments made by their manager about said record. No, not manager. Partner in their management company who plays no operational role. Brian Message is nothing to do with Radiohead. You should all stop saying that he is. Radiohead only vaguely know who he is, and have never told him anything about their new record. How would he know? He doesn’t. Everyone shush.

Elsewhere, it seems a lot of people are interested to learn that Brian May thinks Sacha Baron Cohen is an arse. Fewer, but more than you might expect, are pretty keen on the idea of building a small plastic model of Iron Maiden’s tour jet. Which sounds like fun. As for our number four headline, do not write in about it. I am aware that Gene Simmons knows who Jimi Hendrix is. Sometimes, as well as building model aeroplanes, it’s also fun to read the articles located below headlines.

Number five is the news that the record industry has returned to growth. Hooray! Everyone is happy now! Except they’re not. No one is happy. Everyone is angry. So very, very angry.

There are five more stories for you to discover in that top ten, but first let’s have a look at our top five features from April. Still hanging in there right at the top is our look at the five key digital challenges for the music industry in 2016. Then there’s a look at Keith Richards’ dislike of ‘artists today’, an edition of our podcast leading on opposition to Sony’s purchase of the Michael Jackson estate’s stake in Sony/ATV, a preview of part of our strand on YouTube at this year’s Great Escape convention, and another podcast leading on claims that Rdio mislead Sony Music ahead of its bankruptcy.

The top ten most-read news stories in full:

01: Radiohead clarify ATC chief’s role after comments about new album
02: Sacha Baron Cohen removed from Freddie Mercury film for being “an arse”, says Brian May
03: Iron Maiden to sell Ed Force One model kits
04: Gene Simmons confuses Jimi Hendrix for rapper
05: Record industry returns to growth but would rather talk about value gap
06: YouTube is the devil, says Metallica manager
07: Gary Barlow rallies 80s popstars for Eddie The Eagle soundtrack
08: John Otway launching Kickstarter campaign to rebuild Air Studios in Montserrat
09: Justin Bieber and usher could face song theft trial without expert witness
10: Five Finger Death Punch respond to label’s breach of contract lawsuit

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