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The ten most-read news stories on the CMU site in May 2014

By | Published on Monday 2 June 2014


May’s most popular news story on the CMU website (by quite some distance) was the news, at the beginning of the month, that SoundCloud was about to switch off access to its ‘classic’ design. This left users with no option but to access the site through the newer version, launched in 2012.

Just before Beats was snapped up by Apple for $3 billion (and perhaps because that deal was about to go through), both sides of the company found themselves hit with lawsuits last month. First, Beats Music was sued by David Hyman, the founder of the MOG streaming service on which it is built, claiming that he was forced out of the company. Then the headphone-making side of the business was sued by Steven Lamar, who was involved in the vert early days of Beats, claiming that he was cut out of a royalty deal.

Another big story in May was the indie labels’ battle with YouTube. The Worldwide Independent Network, the body that brings together indie label trade groups from across the globe, went public with its criticism of the Google subsidiary over its handling of negotiations for its planned audio streaming service.

Our top five most popular features this month were all related to the Great Escape Convention, the event we programme as part of the wider Great Escape festival each May. Up top was an article on the results of a survey canvassing artists’ opinions on streaming music, written by Dan Le Sac. Also on the list were interviews with Ann Tausis from Kobalt and Adam Biddle from theAudience. Plus, there were recordings of CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke’s opening speech from TGE, looking at the current state of the music industry, and his day two keynote speech on the potential of the direct-to-fan model.

The top ten most-read news stories in full:

01: SoundCloud to switch off its ‘classic mode’
02: Digital Music News does not have to reveal Grooveshark commenter’s identity
03: MOG founder sues Beats
04: Independent labels hit out at YouTube’s “unnecessary and indefensible” negotiating tactics
05: Little Mix headphones incoming
06: Nadine Coyle plots comeback as Flatley’s Lady Of The Dance
07: Sizzurp Round-Up: Danny Brown, Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber
08: Gigs & Tours Round-Up: Paul Weller, The Antlers and Babymetal
09: Self-proclaimed ‘father of Beats’ sues headphone firm
10: French industry seeks to block The Pirate Bay

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