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Three Six Zero exec joins direct-to-fan start-up Bkstg

By | Published on Wednesday 28 October 2015


Bkstg, the vowel-lite direct-to-fan online-channel-aggregation fan-relationship-management audience-analytic platform – or D2FOCAFRMAA platform, as we in the know call these things – has appointed former Three Six Zero business affairs man James Sealey to the job of VP Business Development.

According to Sealey, speaking about his new gig to Billboard: “One of the things that really hit me is that the market is very much underserved in terms of artists and their managers’ focus on their fans. People are really looking at huge numbers in terms of social networks and how many streams they can aggregate, but they’re not really thinking about who’s behind those numbers – which is ultimately the fan. Bkstg is the first platform that I came into contact with that is addressing the issue of, ‘How do we connect artists and fan in the most direct and profound way?'”

I’m pretty sure it’s actually the 43rd such platform, but then maths has never been my strong point. Though Sealey’s appointment shows that Bkstg is planning on making its service manager-centric, which is possibly a good thing. “He can help us think about what is in the mind of a manager and what is in the heart of an artist – how they’re thinking about their fans”, Bkstg co-founder Erika Nardini told Billboard of the new hire.

As previously reported, Nardini and fellow founder Ran Harnevo raised $20 million in investment earlier this year for their direct-to-fan venture from an assortment of investors, including Sealey’s former employers Three Six Zero.