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Tickets for second Fyre Festival now on sale

By | Published on Tuesday 22 August 2023

Fyre Festival

Tickets for the second Fyre Festival are on sale. Second as in this is the second time tickets have been available for a Fyre Festival. Obviously, technically speaking, it’s not a second Fyre Festival, because the first one didn’t really happen.

Fyre Festival founder and convicted fraudster Billy McFarland confirmed in May that he was having another go at staging a music festival.

The original Fyre Festival in 2017 – billed as a luxury music event in the Bahamas – fell apart just as people started arriving, as it became clear that the infrastructure required for a festival had not been but in place. That led to a stack of litigation and the fraud charges that resulted in McFarland doing some jail time.

Confirming that tickets were now on sale for Fyre Festival 2, McFarland said in a TikTok video yesterday: “It has been the absolute wildest journey to get here and it really all started during the seven month stint in solitary confinement”.

“I wrote out this 50 page plan of how [I could] take this overall interest and demand in Fyre”, he added, “and how it would take my ability to bring people from around the world together and make the impossible happen, how I would find the best partners in the world to allow me to be me, while executing Fyre’s vision to the highest level”.

There is little specific information about what Fyre Festival 2 will involve, except that it will take place – in theory at least – somewhere in the Caribbean in December 2024. Early bird tickets are just $499. Bargain!

What could possibly go wrong?