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Warner Music launches Atlantic Records Germany

By | Published on Wednesday 15 December 2021


Warner Music has launched yet another division of its Atlantic Records label, this time in Germany. By my maths, that means there are now five Atlantic labels. But still only one ocean. If only the owners of the ocean were as ambitious as Warner Music.

“The launch of Atlantic Records Germany will really electrify the market here”, reckon Doreen Schimk and Fabian Drebes, Co-Presidents of Warner Music Central Europe. “We have one of the most exciting rap scenes in Europe and we want to work with the best of its artists to offer them a platform and support for long-term careers in this business. And we’re so excited to sign Yung Hurn as our first artist on the label”.

Oh yeah, Atlantic Records Germany will focus on discovering and promoting German hip hop, especially underground rap, I should probably have said that. And Austrian rapper Yung Hurn is the first signing.

Aside from signing all those super exciting rappers, the label’s Berlin base will also become, we’re told, “a creative hub offering regular sessions such as SHE – an all-female rap camp – and Foreign X Change – where international producers link up for sessions and collaboration tracks with local artists”.

And now a quote from Warner’s President of International for recorded music, Simon Robson: “Atlantic Records has been home to generations of legendary artists and it’s played a significant role in the evolution of hip hop. We believe Atlantic Records Germany can have a similar cultural impact, tapping into the fast-evolving scene there and helping elevate its most creative artists, amplifying their voices and their stories, and bringing their music to the widest possible audience”.

This is the third Atlantic Records launch this year. A Russian version was launched in March after Warner acquired and rebranded indie label Zhara, and then a Benelux version was announced last month.

And, for those mainly interested in the geography, Germany – like Russia – has a coast on the Baltic Sea which is technically – I mean, it feels like a bit of a cheat, but – you know – technically it’s a sea within the Atlantic Ocean. So geography-wise, we’re all good.