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The ten most-read news stories on the CMU site in October 2015

By | Published on Tuesday 3 November 2015


Woah there list fans. Stop a moment and check out this run down of the ten most popular news stories on the CMU website in October, won’t you?

Topping the list is a late entry, the news that Radiohead are suing their former label Parlophone, which came towards the end of the month. The band defeated an attempt by the record company’s lawyers to have the case dismissed by the High Court. The band say that the label, while still a subsidiary of EMI (it’s now owned by Warner Music) deducted nearly three quarters of a million pounds from their digital royalties income when it should not have.

Number two is an article on naked pictures of Justin Bieber and his wish for people to stop looking at them. Search terms on the site in the days following the publication of this story would suggest it received a considerable boost from people ignoring that plea and attempting to seek them out.

Also popular was Jay-Z’s memory lapse over his ownership of the Tidal streaming service. We also found people arriving at news of the sad death earlier this year of musician Gavin Clark, to whom the latest series of ‘This Is England’ was dedicated. And fifth most popular was our trolling of this year’s Mercury Prize shortlist.

Our five most popular features this month were a short story about Rita Ora, an Approved column on WSTRN’s ‘In2’, a look at Chilly Gonzales getting on the wrong end of Hozier’s lawyers, an examination of whether or not Alex James was correct to say that the independent spirit has left music and moved to food (spoiler: no), and an infographic explaining exactly why our report for the MFF on the structure of digital royalties in music was necessary.

The top ten most-read news stories in full:

1: Radiohead sue Parlophone, lawyers debate possible impact
2: Justin Bieber would like you to stop looking at his penis
3: Jay-Z forgot he owns Tidal
4: Gavin Clark dies
5: Everything on the Mercury shortlist is awful and music is ruined forever
6: Aurous confirms legal reps as injunction stops downloads of controversial app
7: Jake Bugg polishing up demos after label rejects third album studio recordings
8: Harry Fox agency downsizes after SESAC acquisition
9: RIAA seeks $22 million in damages from MP3Skull
10: Childish Gambino offers free festival tickets to fans disappointed by DJ set

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