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WAP lyric theft lawsuit dismissed
ASCAP takes advantage of growing controversy over imminent BMI sale
Discarded tents remain a big issue at Reading and Leeds Festivals
Exeter radio station launches Christmas songs service - yes, in August
Fyre Festival II pre-sale tickets sell out
Korn guitarist reps local furniture store
Gossipers gossip about which artists are parting company with Scooter Braun’s management company
Tickets for second Fyre Festival now on sale
Spice Girls will celebrate 30th anniversary next year, but not at Glastonbury
David Byrne admits Talking Heads split
Ed Sheeran won’t play Super Bowl because he lacks “pizazz”
RM of BTS assures fans that the group will return from their “vacation” in 2025
Lionel Richie faces fan backlash after last minute cancellation of MSG show
John Lydon tells Americans to stop overstating the New York scene's influence on punk
Abba: The Movie set for cinema screenings next month
Taylor Swift confirms '1989' re-record to be released in October
Spotify rolls out AI DJ into loads more markets
Heartstopper could afford a Taylor Swift sync because she thought the scene was
Twitter takes @music handle for itself
Alex James says his Britpop sparkling wine is
Stream-ripping site claims rivals are hitting its Google ranking by filing Rickrolling copyright notices
TaP Music to “pass the baton back” for selecting UK Eurovision entry
Ed Sheeran heats up hot sauce marketing with Honest Burgers tie-up
Barbie soundtrack album breaks chart record by getting three tracks into the top five
Busted team up with the Jonas Brothers for new version of Year 3000
Travis Scott’s Egyptian pyramids show cancelled due to “complex production issues”
Britney Spears’ autobiography delayed by legal challenges from Justin Timberlake and Colin Farrell
Drive-in movie theatre calls on Taylor Swift to acknowledge its appearance in lyric video
Elon Musk undertakes a Twitter rebrand via Twitter - or via X if you prefer
Yves Saint Laurent selling Nirvana “vintage” t-shirts for thousands of pounds