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Playlist: CMU Approved in November 2014

By | Published on Friday 28 November 2014

Each weekday, the CMU Approved column highlights a new artist, track, article or other online activity that we think our readers should be aware of. Below is a playlist featuring artists and tracks showcased in the column in November 2014.


Adrian Knight – Pictures Of Lindsay
• でんぱ組.inc – Sabotage (Beastie Boys cover)
Panes – Bones Without You
LoneLady – Groove It Out
Loyle Carner – Baby Grey
Shamir – On The Regular
Oscar – Never Told You
OOFJ – You’re Always Good
Alex Calder – Strange Dreams
Nils Bech – Jealousy
Fake Laugh – Freely
Nite Fields – You I Never Knew
FaltyDL – Do Me (Bruk Mix)
Man Without Country – Laws Of Motion (feat White Sea)
Laura Moody – Call Time On This Love
• Efterklang – The Last Concert

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