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CMU Approved in 2020

By | Published on Thursday 3 December 2020

Gary, Indiana

The year 2020 has not (and it’s possible you’ve noticed this already) been the greatest ever. However, that doesn’t mean nothing great has come out of it. New artists and new music have continued to arrive with pleasing regularity, despite everything.

This year our Approved column covered 90 new acts, and you can acquaint yourself with all of them in our CMU Approved In 2020 playlist. As ever, it’s an eclectic journey through music, and we reckon you’ll find something in here that will form part of the soundtrack to your 2021. Hey, maybe you’ll even get to see them play live!

Listen to the playlist on Spotify here:

Full tracklist (plus links to our articles on them) here:

Gary, Indiana – Nike Of Samothrace
Smrtdeath – Don’t Love Me
Circe – Dancer
Albertine Sarges – The Girls
Kwaye – Run
Wargasm – Rage All Over
Keeya – Faded
Juice Webster – Let The Dog Out
Yard Act – Peanuts
Ambar Lucid – Head Down
Ela Minus – Megapunk
Sarah Klang – Canyon
The OBGMs – Not Again
Kučka – Ascension
Sokoninaru – 極限は刹那
La Favi & Dinamarca – No Contestaste
Michael Peter Olsen – Falling Forward
Takykardia – Sometimes My Best Friend Ghosts Me
Tomorrow’s Ghosts – Call Me Ishmael
Priestess – Distractions
Nana Adjoa – National Song
Brutalist – Balsalke (feat Lyam)
King Hannah – Crème Brûlée
Susu – Work Song
Herizen – Range Rover
Liraz – Injah
Phelimuncasi – Private Party
Sharp Veins – Built Camp, Reflected On Failed Quest
Object Blue & TSVI – Thought Experiment
Raven Bush – Moonglades
Deradoorian – Mask Of Yesterday
Acid Coco – El Amor de Mis Amores
Bekah CC – Sigh
Naomi Banks – Closer
Duval Timothy – Fall Again
Tolani – Badman
Acera197 – NGM5
Nadia Rose – Bad N Boujee
Club Paradise – Growing Up
Sen Morimoto – Woof
Dimorphodons – Dimorphodons
Ava Lily – Blameless
Makola – Coffee
Spencer – Maybe
Moonchild Sanelly – Bashiri
Stevan – Tripping
Chaii – Trouble
Tebi Rex – I Got My Whole
Ary – Oh My God
Flyckt – Spotlight
Mong Tong 夢東 – Ancient Mars
Wargirl – 2069
Kiara – Ape Shyt
Nicolas Bougaïeff – Thalassophobia
Joseph Lamar – Paradise 1
Sandunes – Fifty Percent
Venus Volcanism – The Dream
Her Songs – 4am Disco
Discovery Zone – Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody
Lial – Dirty Little Lies
.gif – My Darling
Harkin – Dial It In
Jonah Yano – Shoes
Roly Porter – An Open Door
Chams – Un Temps Pour Elle
Patricia Lalor – Words I Have To Say
Craig Irving – Running Back To You
Pêtr Aleksänder – The Something Else
Jasmine Jethwa – Empty Waters
Ben Lukas Boysen – Medela
Jennifer Touch – Attic
Ohmme – 3 2 4 3
Minais B – Where We Meet
William Kz – River Stroll
Song Sung – Come To The Water
Choir Boy – Complainer
Anna B Savage – Chelsea Hotel #3
Nicole Mercedes – Stoop
MT Low – Fade (Into View)
Li Tilei – A Star Without Guidance
Madge – Headshot
Mentrix – Walk
Wuh Oh – How Do You Do It?
Kala Chng – Voices
Grisly Faye – Fables – Papa
Keeley Forsyth – Start Again
070 Shake – Guilty Conscience
Charlotte Rose Benjamin – Party City
Dry Cleaning – Viking Hair